50 Greatest Mind-Twisting Movies to Watch

Will you have the courage to watch the films on this list? Featuring incredible movies, this list brings no less than 50 films ranging bugar your mind. Below are films from various genres and eras, always working with intelligent plots and demanding 100% attention of your viewers. These are films that surely will leave you thinking about what you watched for several days. Let the list!


50º – Raw (Julia Ducournau, 2016)A vegetarian young student enters the world, entering a college in the course of veterinary. Amid this troubled process of entering the social environment of the college, the young man begins to feel a strange pleasure for human flesh after experiencing meat of an animal in trotting its course. Disturbing and extremely uncomfortable, ‘Raw’ engages the viewer to merge the strangeness of its central theme with a timely questioning about the destructive model conducted within several colleges around the world. A controversial film with a theme that may offend some viewers, but certainly worth the time invested.


49º – Calibre (Matt Palmer, 2018)Two men in their 30-year-old decided to recall pleasant things of their friendship in the past, leaving to a small town to practice hunting. The problem is that a terrible accident on the mere figure of chance and local truculence leave both in an extreme and disturbing situation. ‘Calibre’ certainly does not have all the recognition it should have. Its dense, rhythmic story and of course smart enough completely holds the viewer’s attention to the unfolding of each fragment of the picture. A work that shows a little about the rotten core of the human being in the world and also on the figure, sometimes tragic simple chance.


48º – Cam (Daniel Goldhaber, 2018)In the plot a camgirl, obsessed grow in popularity in his profession, has completely altered his life when a person just as she now assumes her identity on the Internet. gradually losing all his life he had built, the girl begins to investigate more about the reason for all that, only discovering that the truth might be heavier than thought. ‘Cam’ delivers a unique atmosphere of madness and strangeness to the viewer, leading us through an uncomfortable plot about current social paths amid the relentless advance of technology.


47º – Pulse (Kiyoshi Kurosawa, 2001)Masterpiece of terror belonging to the Japanese cinema, ‘Pulse’ is a journey to what is darkest in human / technology relationship. A film with a vivid and macabre atmosphere rarely found in the genre. Here, Kiyoshi Kurosawa prefer to build a terror that comes from loneliness and isolation of his characters, avoiding the most “jump scares” or situations with a surface exposure of the genre. indispensable work for terror lover.


46º – It Follows (David Robert Mitchell, 2014)In the plot, a young woman begins to be haunted by a strange entity, setting off a frantic escape for several places. Innovative in its core proposal, ‘It Follows’ is a movie that can play at the same time causing scares, taking advantage of a clever plot, a dynamic pace and an atmosphere of classic horror.

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