50 Greatest Mind-Twisting Movies to Watch

5º – Diabolique (Henri-Georges Clouzot, 1955)Two women work out an assassination plot of an unscrupulous man. After take the idea forward, the two will now have to get rid of the body. However, everything gets even more macabre contours when the man’s body disappears. French classic from the 1950s, ‘Diabolique’ is bold in its history, presenting the viewer two emblematic characters, exacerbated situations that always refer to the worst and memorable scenes and have registered their place in cinema.


4º – The Innocents (Jack Clayton, 1961)Desperate for a job, a young woman accepts a job as a housekeeper in a secluded mansion, having to care for two children only with the help of another maid. However, what was presented as a mere job, turns out to be like a real martyrdom when children begin to exhibit bizarre behavior and she begins to see strange events by place. ‘The Innocents’ is that typical horror that fascinates. The construction of their environment makes each scene a treat to the spectator, leaving his good plot as a secondary factor.


3º – The Butterfly Effect (Eric Bress, 2004)In the plot, a young man who had lived all his life with strange health problems have the opportunity to remember important events of his journey in the world – until then unknown to him – and change certain concepts and stories. ‘ The Butterfly Effect’ takes to engage in its plot, getting better with the progress of his scenes, bringing the viewer a powerful story and it breaks down many of the basics of life.


2º – Triangle (Christopher Smith, 2009)Some young people have to seek refuge on a ship abandoned after suffering an accident at sea. The problem is that that ship hides strange details, making the lives of those young people a living hell. Playing with the aspect of time in a live format terror, ‘Triangle’ surprise those who watch every scene overcome with well-developed plot twists, good characters and a compendium of positive scenes.


1º – Circle (Aaron Hann, 2015)A group of unknown people is held hostage in a dark place, having to decide which members are coming and which will die. So strong in its history as its synopsis indicates, ‘Circle’ is an intelligent film in its central arch. His daring plot and debate various moral values ​​in our society sounds irresistible to the eye of the beholder.