10 Amazing Movies To Put You in a Good Mood

Today we’re going to give a chance to a lighter theme by listing films that will improve your mood. Below are works exclusively of the comedy genre, working with light stories and that can entertain those who watch without being noticed as forced. Guaranteed fun and intelligent stories. Let’s go to the list!


10º – Like Father (Lauren Miller Rogen, 2018)After being abandoned at the altar by her fiancé, a woman in her thirties, shrouded in an inexorable obsession with her work, ends up receiving a visit from her father after several decades. After a night of drunkenness with him, she wakes up on a large holiday cruise that should be her honeymoon trip. Together, father and daughter will learn more about each other’s lives, discuss past events, and also glimpse outlets for their present concerns. A common comedy with a motivational aura, ‘Like Father’ is that traditional “feel good movie”, giving the viewer extremely fun moments that are never forced.

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