10 Scariest Ghost Movies of All Time

We’ve listed ten films about ghosts that will make you shiver. Below, we try to bring the theme of this list by adhering to different decades of the cinema, taking from a more rustic and not less frightening exhibition of ghosts of the 1940s to current approaches. They are films exclusively of the horror genre, with engaging stories that surprise the viewer with their decision-making. Let’s go to the list!


10ยบ – The Uninvited (Lewis Allen, 1944)Two brothers decide to buy a huge house in a small town. However, shortly after their arrival, strange events begin to happen in the house, linking the past and present of the entire city. Horror movie masterpiece, ‘The Uninvited’ is a true film class with natural scares, a story that is shaped in a dynamic and believable way and concise performances.

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