10 Best Life-Changing French Movies of All Time

In this Top 10, we have brought essential works of French cinema for you to know. Raising works of great quality, French cinema has hundreds of masterpieces scattered throughout the seventh art. Taking this into account, we indicate below films that capture various periods and genres, always cherishing options that characterize the best French cinema has to offer. Let’s go to the list!


10º – The Fire Within (Louis Malle, 1963)The film explores the limping journey of a man in the world, showing some decisive fragments of his life. Louis Malle’s masterpiece, ‘The Fire Within’ is a sad movie, not sparing its viewer by smashing every erratic compendium of man. A film about life, depression, society and death.


9º – I Love You, I Love You (Alain Resnais, 1968)Different, the plot deals with the apparatus of memory in the human being, showing different fragments of the life of a man. ‘I Love You, I Love You’ is a sweet, poetic film that brings the degree of importance that our individual story represents to building identity.

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