10 Best Thrillers On Netflix to Watch Right Now

Do you like thriller movies? Then this list is perfect for you. Here, we’ve brought ten creepy thriller movies from netflix. These are films that work with the most diverse plots, such as survival in a desolate world, a man’s frantic search for his missing sister, the search for recognition from two musical artists, and much more, always engaging and irresistible in the eyes of the viewer. Let’s go to the list!


10ยบ – The Perfection (Richard Shepard, 2018)Completely freaked out in all its aspects, this film puts us to follow the nuances of two young musical artists belonging to an important school of the area. The plot gains its substance when one of them seems to have a desire for revenge against the other girl and the school, putting the spectator and all the other characters in a creepy game, permeated by twists and turns. A true pearl of the seventh art, the work is certainly not recommended to all audiences. The exacerbated content in its graphic and story apparatus requires quite a lot from the viewer. However, it is worth saying, all commitment is rewarded in the end, closing with mastery a unique story. The performance of actress Allison Williams still stands out, showing an interpretation as crazy and accurate as the film.

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