10 Best Thrillers On Netflix to Watch Right Now


– Calibre (Matt Palmer, 2018)Two men, in their 30s, decide to remember pleasurable things about their friendship in the past, going to a small town to practice hunting. The problem is that a terrible accident linked to the mere figure of chance and the local truculence will leave both in an extreme and disturbing situation. ‘Calibre’ certainly doesn’t have all the recognition it should have. Its dense, cadenced and, of course, quite intelligent story completely holds the viewer’s attention to the unfolding of each scene fragment. A work that shows a little about the rotten core of the human being in the world and, also, about the sometimes tragic figure of simple chance.


– Mute (Duncan Jones, 2018)In the plot, located in the near future, a mute man starts a search for a missing person, entering a rotten reality of the world. ‘Mute’ nourishes positive and negative moments, calling the attention of his spectator by his beautiful and irresistible futuristic scenarios.

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