10 Best Thrillers On Netflix to Watch Right Now

– Hold the Dark (Jeremy Saulnier, 2018)A writer of books on nature receives a cry for help from a mother who had had her son taken by wolves in a small icy town. Surprisingly responding to the request, the man goes to the place and starts a hunt for wolves in search of an answer to what had happened. However, everything he will discover goes far beyond what he was prepared for. ‘Hold the Dark’ is an average suspense. His initial proposal and his first 20 minutes work by completely capturing the attention of those watching, with a fascinating mystery atmosphere. However, after this period, the work ends up giving more and more absurd answers, diminishing much of the initial brightness.


– Cam (Daniel Goldhaber, 2018)In the plot, a camgirl, obsessed with growing in popularity in her profession, has her life completely changed when a person exactly like her starts to assume her identity on the internet. Little by little losing all the life she had built, the girl begins to investigate more about the reason for all that, only discovering that the truth was perhaps heavier than she thought. ‘Cam’ delivers an atmosphere of madness and unique strangeness to the viewer, leading us through an uncomfortable plot about the current social paths in the midst of the inexorable advance of technology.

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