10 Movies That Will Make You a Better Person

The central thrust of this list is to bring films that have strong plots about certain concepts of human life that always work by raising some of the most basic qualities found in the essence of man. The films quoted below belong exclusively to the genre of drama, bringing different plots, nourishing the unique resemblance of leaving a positive sensation in the viewer to its end. Let’s go to the list!


10º – Erin Brockovich (Steven Soderbergh, 2000)An unemployed woman in a complicated financial situation finds a job as an assistant to a lawyer. By mere chance, the woman ends up discovering a great case about sources of polluted water that are leaving a small sick population. Without any support, the woman will work alone in an attempt to help this small population. ‘Erin Brockovich’ exposes some of the most positive qualities an individual can have, such as perseverance, the inexorable aspect of change, and a sense of camaraderie over the other.


9º – Milk (Gus Van Sant, 2008)Adhering to a biographical tone, exploring the life of Harvey Milk, a gay activist of the 1970s, the film works with the various nuances of human life, highlighting how the latent prejudice of the day worked to destroy lives of those who did not correspond to values traditional social systems. A film with a well-developed plot, competent and agile direction, and a fabulous performance by Sean Penn at the head of the play.

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