10 Best Nihilistic Movies To Watch

Possessing a somewhat more rustic approach than usual, this list brings the philosophical concept of Nihilism to the seventh art. Mostly, nihilism is a denial of meaning to existence. Basically, for the concept, living means nothing, without religious or moral concepts, with a question almost inherent to the human being of suffering and existential emptiness. In short, living is absolutely useless for nihilism. Having as a starting point this hard weighting of Nihilism, we brought ten films that adhere to the specifications from beginning to end, nurturing strong plots and that never make concessions when showing the various facets of existence. Let’s go to the list!


10º – The Seventh Continent (Michael Haneke, 1989)We will follow the normal day-to-day life of a European family composed of a couple and their little daughter. The film gains its substance by bringing the empty compendium into which the family is inserted, with routines that are increasingly insane and boring, leading them to plan an extreme act. One of the most intelligent and forceful films when talking about the destructive arc of a contemporary traditional society, ‘The Seventh Continent’ is a journey without a return to the human core in the world. The most frightening thing that is made explicit in each scene is how the film never ponders possible solutions to what we are seeing. On the contrary, it only raises frightening perspectives. Watch this masterpiece by Austrian Michael Haneke prepared, for you will never face life in the same way after its screening.


9º – An Elephant Sitting Still (Bo Hu, 2018)The film shows the daily life suffered by several characters inserted into the harsh financial and social reality of a Chinese city. We will see how each character reacts to the various conflicts that eventually arise, as well as the inherent will within each of them to put an end to that suffering. One of the most powerful nihilistic works in cinema in recent years, ‘An Elephant Sitting Still’ is not recommended for those who face emotional difficulties in their lives. The sad and never positive content puts us down and elevates an atmosphere of hopelessness that transcends the simple barrier of the seventh art. A film almost four hours long that is worth every second. A unique experience that makes us look at our own existence and choices. A masterpiece of Asian cinema.

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