10 Best Nihilistic Movies


2º – Shame (Steve McQueen, 2011)We will explore the life of a successful 30-year-old man who finds himself completely obsessed with the figure of sex. We will gain strength in the plot when the subject’s sister visits him, awakening a series of destructive memories from the past and making his compulsion completely out of control. A masterpiece, ‘Shame’ is disturbed by his visceral exposure of an erratic compendium of human life, moving the viewer not by its history, but by the genius with which each plan is conceived. Here, Michael Fassbender has the performance of his life and one of the greatest in the history of cinema.


1º – Happiness (Todd Solondz, 1998)The film brings the lives of several distinct characters in their incessant search for the figure of happiness. Controversial, ‘Happiness’ makes explicit in its arc of characters exactly the opposite of its title, with extreme situations that challenge the social values taken as rules. A true masterpiece of the 1990s, which will certainly cause you a certain discomfort with what happens on screen.