10 Best Nihilistic Movies

6º – Irréversible (Gaspar Noé, 2002)Gaspar Noé presents a strong work on chance, life and, especially, time. The 97 minutes of the film seek in every way to disturb the viewer. The extremely disturbing graphic content, the unusual option of telling the story in reverse order, its almost inaudible soundtrack that causes aversion to the human being and the option of displaying fragments of images that can cause epileptic seizure in those who watch end up working against the viewer. ‘Irreversible’ is a film that changes the viewer’s way of facing the world after watching it.


5º – Naked (Mike Leigh, 1993)Simple in its proposal, the plot exposes the figures of two young men in their erratic journeys in the world. We will destroy the way men treat the social apparatus, repelling any form of common exchange with other individuals. ‘Naked’ is a nihilistic hymn about individuals incapable of taking pleasure in their onslaughts in the world, and when they reach spectres of it, it is only possible by harming other people. Although it brings two characters with similar characteristics, the focus of the story will always be on Johnny’s call, and it is he who makes the film have its place on this list.

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