10 Best Nihilistic Movies


8º – Joker (Todd Phillips, 2019)A man maladjusted and despised by the social realm decides to make his own rules, starting a real crusade against the world. ‘Joker’ is irrecoverable from the first to the last scene, elevating a surprising direction, an intelligent script and one of the greatest performances of the great Joaquin Phoenix’s career.


7º – Miami Blues (George Armitage, 1990)After leaving prison, a man decides to fly to Miami. As soon as he arrives, the man begins a destructive and psychotic journey against everything and everyone. A lost nihilistic pearl, ‘Miami Blues’ brings a character who acts without meaning, breaks the rules without coherence and reason, and expresses a hatred relative to existence and the human being. A great film that is worth each one of its 97 minutes of duration. Also noteworthy is Alec Baldwin’s beautiful performance leading the iconic main character.

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