10 Scariest Ghost Movies of All Time

7º – The Orphanage (J.A. Bayona, 2007)A middle-aged woman decides to live in a house that had been an orphanage several years ago. Instead, the woman’s son begins to experience things without explanation, leaving her in doubt about the supernatural forces and the aspect of the past that permeate the house. ‘The Orphanage’ works with a more dosed terror, choosing to unmask each fragment of history and its characters with mastery. A ghost movie that will certainly bring you several chills.


6º – Poltergeist (Tobe Hooper, 1982)A family begins to witness strange events happening in their home, initiating a true ordeal in the lives of its members. Marco from the 1980s, ‘Poltergeist’ can be scary without being marked as a heavyweight film. The events of the story follow a dynamic line, with increasing scares to each scene. A good option, although it is the victim of some exaggerations in its script.

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