10 Movies That Will Change Your Life

We brought, in this Top 10, films that make the viewer reflect on various concepts of his life. We try to list works that, regardless of their optimistic view or not, always leave a question in the air about everything that has been shown. The films will debate themes such as: life in society, certainty of death, mourning, denial of mourning, the concept of suffering as something necessary to the human being, daily habits and family life.


10º – Ikiru (Akira Kurosawa, 1952)A man inserted in a routine routine of bureaucratic jobs receives the sad news that he has a terminal condition of cancer. Here, however, condemnation serves as freedom for man. The character discovers how much he had wasted his moments in the world with banalities and decides to try to enjoy the time that remains to him. ‘Ikiru’ brings the viewer a state of reflection on the paths chosen for their lives, leaving us in doubt about what we have built and what we have actually enjoyed.


9º – The Broken Circle Breakdown (Felix van Groeningen, 2012)When a passionate couple learns that their young daughter has cancer, all bases of their social, physical, and psychological constructions go through a process of degeneration. Extremely exciting, ‘The Broken Circle Breakdown’ works on the concept of tragedy in the life of the human being, unleashing pain, loss and possible aspects for possible redemption.

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