10 Movies That Will Change Your Life

6º – The Fifth Seal (Zoltán Fábri, 1976)Budapest, 1944. Four men drink quietly in a bar, reflecting on everyday aspects, when a man enters the place and proposes a question that will change the life of all. Lost in the cinema, ‘The Fifth Seal’ causes the spectator to deconstruct all its moral and ethical bases, leading him to question the direction chosen to guide his journey through life. A very provocative film that needs more attention from those who watch it.

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5º – Life is Sweet (Mike Leigh, 1990)A couple and their two teenage daughters have a quiet and pleasant life in the suburb of north London. Here we will spend a few weeks following the daily life of this family, the financial difficulties and their internal conflicts. What, however, surprises in the film are its twists and turns in the middle of the plot. We will find that what seemed perfect and untouchable was, in fact, only a mask dressed for their social lives. Internally what we see is an incessant struggle to preserve what is left of the essence of the family. The film works by shocking the viewer into some specific scenes to solidify the concept of an irredeemable and perfect life, as we often try to convey to the social realm, simply does not exist.

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