10 Intelligent Movies To Watch Before You Die


4º – Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock, 1960)After stealing an enormous amount of the place in which works, a young woman initiates a car flight by the country. In the midst of this journey, the young woman decides to stop to rest in a hotel by the roadside, not knowing that this would be a mortal place. Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece, ‘Psycho’ is a work that guided the paths of the horror and suspense genres in the following decades, raising a daring story, nourishing one of the most amazing finals of cinema.


3º – The Gift (Joel Edgerton, 2015)In the plot, a couple receives an unexpected visit from a man who had been friends with one of them for a long time. However, the strange man begins, little by little, to bother the couple, doubting their motivations before them. ‘The Gift’ uses a few scenarios to govern the events of its history. Here, everything is guided under a mood of mystery that is maintained until the final moments of the film, letting the viewer formulate theories about what is on screen.

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