10 Intelligent Movies To Watch Before You Die


4º – Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock, 1960)After stealing an enormous amount of the place in which works, a young woman initiates a car flight by the country. In the midst of this journey, the young woman decides to stop to rest in a hotel by the roadside, not knowing that this would be a mortal place. Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece, ‘Psycho’ is a work that guided the paths of the horror and suspense genres in the following decades, raising a daring story, nourishing one of the most amazing finals of cinema.


3º – The Gift (Joel Edgerton, 2015)In the plot, a couple receives an unexpected visit from a man who had been friends with one of them for a long time. However, the strange man begins, little by little, to bother the couple, doubting their motivations before them. ‘The Gift’ uses a few scenarios to govern the events of its history. Here, everything is guided under a mood of mystery that is maintained until the final moments of the film, letting the viewer formulate theories about what is on screen.


2º – The Truman Show (Peter Weir, 1998)Wrapped in a routine of inexorable habits, a man, by mere figure of chance, ends up realizing that his whole life had been a big lie and his day-to-day life was actually programmed and controlled by a kind of TV show. Now it’s up to him to go after all the truth behind this story. ‘The Truman Show’ is different in its story arc, promoting situations of the most diverse, provoking a sense of reassessment of life by those who watch the film.


1º – Memento (Christopher Nolan, 2000)After his wife is brutally killed and he is beaten by a criminal, a man, now with problems in his short-term memory, decides to embark on a destructive journey behind him. ‘Memento’ is rustic in its conception of plot, subverting the paths trodden by the characters, working with hard philosophical concepts, like the one of ‘eternal return’, resulting in a film that stays in the head of the spectator even after its end.