10 Intelligent Movies About Terrible Decisions


9º – Gilda (Charles Vidor, 1946)After having his life saved by a casino owner, a crook has the opportunity to work as a local manager. However, after a strange bond of friendship is formed between the two, an attractive woman will stand in their way, forming a deadly love triangle. ‘Gilda’, a masterpiece noir of the 1940s, works with an unretouchable plot, exposing buildings of characters that fascinate and conclusions always exacerbated. In charge of the central character, Glenn Ford has a striking performance. However, the highlight of the film goes to the performance of Rita Hayworth, embodying one of the most emblematic “femme fatales” in the history of cinema. Behind the scenes there is a story that Humphrey Bogart would have rejected the character played by Ford, claiming that any actor who stood next to Rita would be completely overwhelmed by her talent and beauty.


8º – The Devil (Andrzej Zulawski, 1972)During the 18th century in Poland, a young man belonging to a noble family receives the unexpected help of a strange man and a kind of nun, escaping from prison and death. During his escape, we will see the young man’s relationship with his degenerating family bow, the figure of a society in ruins and, also, his uncoherent behavior. ‘The Devil’ follows all the aura of madness inherent to Andrzej Zulawski’s cinema, elevating a plot that bothers the spectator with his decisions about the tortuous paths of the protagonist.

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