10 Intelligent Movies About Terrible Decisions

3º – American History X (Tony Kaye, 1998)After a life of extreme attitudes, a former neo-Nazi perceives the implication of his actions in the life of his family after leaving prison. Intense from beginning to end, the film shows how some erratic attitudes influence the lives of other close people, sometimes causing irreparable damage.


2º – Dead Man Walking (Tim Robbins, 1995)An inmate about to be executed on death row finds in the figure of a nun the instance that makes him look at his exacerbated and erratic past. The film is governed by a cold atmosphere of disapproval of a past that has condemned lives, always working with the mystery of whether or not the inmate is guilty of what he is accused. The most prominent performance here goes to Susan Sarandon, delivering a touching performance in the role of the nun.


1º – The Celebration (Thomas Vinterberg, 1998)A journey through the interior of a family in a complete state of ruins. A work that reveals how certain facts of the lives of each individual are often overcome by a social mask of normality. Here, everything within the exploited family is heading for the worst in humanity. ‘The Celebration’ still presents a raw and necessary vision of the human psychological construct and its exacerbations. A masterpiece of Danish cinema and the best film of the career of the great filmmaker Thomas Vinterberg.