10 Chilling Horror Movies That You Probably Never Seen


2º – Black Cadillac (John Murlowski, 2003)Three young men, with no apparent explanation, start being chased by a strange black cadillac during a winter night. We will follow this creepy and frightening chase, always with surprises appearing on screen. Odd suspense, ‘Black Cadillac’ explains what’s best in road movies, driving a plot that happens almost exclusively in motion, inside the car where the three meet, always cherishing an atmosphere of mystery about why it’s happening.


1º – Happy Death Day (Christopher Landon, 2017)A young woman with doubtful behavior expects to live happy moments on her birthday. However, someone is looking for her to settle a score and ends up murdering the girl. The movie gets all its frenetic charge when the young woman, each time she is murdered, returns to the beginning of that day. Now, it’s up to her to discover the identity of her killer and try to stop dying. ‘Death Gives You Congratulations’ is that typical horror movie that also entertains you a lot, counting on an intelligent plot, a captivating protagonist and a good dose of twists and turns.