10 Chilling Horror Movies That You Probably Never Seen


6º – The Black Cat (Edgar G. Ulmer, 1934)A honeymooner couple finds themselves trapped in a scary house completely isolated after a car accident. Inside, the two will realize that they must worry more about the owner of the place than the house itself. Classic of terror, ‘The Black Cat’ is a full dish for fans of the 1930s movie genre, with the famous partnership between Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff.


5º – The Stepfather (Joseph Ruben, 1987)A widow and her teenage daughter seem to have found the perfect husband/father in the figure of a pleasant man. However, this man may not be exactly who he claims and his past hides dark and truly terrifying secrets. Incredible from beginning to end, ‘The Stepfather’ is a horror film that escapes the commonplace in the 1980s, featuring a plot that brings the villain as the central character in all the story’s development, always unique scene constructions that manage to involve the viewer and, of course, Terry O’Quinn’s irrefutable acting as the film’s terrible psychopath. A pearl of the horror of the 1980s.

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