10 Chilling Horror Movies To Watch That You Probably Never Seen

We have listed ten little known horror movies for you to watch. Below are works that range from the 1930s to the 2000s, always with fascinating stories that, of course, frighten your viewer a lot. All the films that make up this list are noted as great and are suitable for all types of horror audiences. Let’s go to the list!


10º – Dead of Winter (Arthur Penn, 1987)An actress, living difficult days in her career, accepts to go to an isolated mansion for a casting test, all happening under a cruel winter. The film gains all its dynamism by exploring the actress’ stay at the mansion, after she discovered that that test was nothing more than a trap. ‘Death in Winter’ is a little known work from the 1980s. Its cadenced plot and plenty of room for the characters to develop may alienate some viewers, but all the layers used to provoke fear and create a claustrophobic atmosphere make this film essential for the horror fan. Another small element, but one that makes the film even better, is the fact that the plot takes shape in a cold winter, increasing the sense of isolation and fear both in the central character – which is worth highlighting, brilliantly played by actress Mary Steenburgen – and in the viewer.


9º – The House of the Devil (Ti West, 2009)After managing to rent a house to live alone, a young woman, looking for money to support herself, accepts to work for some people in a strange isolated house for one night. Surrounded by the reality of the place, the young woman realizes that her decision to accept the job may not have been the best. The Devil’s House’ is a real pearl of this century’s horror cinema. A film made with little budget by director Ti West, but at no time does the lack of money impact the quality of the work. A scary film, atmospheric to the extreme and, the best, without those silly scares that we sometimes see in the genre.

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