10 Animated Tv Shows To Watch and Make Your Life Better

We have listed ten animated series to improve your day. Having options for the most diverse audiences, this list brings the best when we talk about animations. Always with many episodes, the series cited provoke laughter and entertain the spectators a lot with each scene, nourishing fascinating characters that have become part of our lives over the years. Let’s go to the list!


10º – Bob’s Burgers (2011-)Bob and his wife Linda take care of their three children and their small snack bar. The series gains all its dynamism by exploring the great adventures that these five characters end up having, with hilarious and very well told stories. Bob’s Burger is probably the best animated series of today, working with a plot that uses a lot of imagination and several fascinating characters. Currently the series has more than 200 episodes, among Christmas specials, halloween, etc, giving the viewer hours and hours of fun.


9º – Duckman (1994-1997)The life of a skilled or competent detective is studied by this series, bringing his confusions, his unusual work mates and his completely inadequate family. Conceived with a more adult audience in mind, ‘Duckman’ makes fun of everything, paying homage, at the same time as he makes comedy, to the detective noir films of the 1940s and police series of the 1970s. The animated series remained on air for 4 seasons during the 1990s, with 71 very entertaining episodes.

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