10 Animated Tv Shows To Make Your Life Better


6º – Doug (1991-1994)The life of Doug Funnie, a boy in his early teens, is transformed when he and his parents move out of town. In his new city, Doug will meet his new friends, new neighbors and his school. ‘Doug’ pleases all audiences, telling common and light stories about friendship and teenage romances. An unforgettable series that marked the childhood of several children in the 1990s. There are 56 episodes made in 5 seasons.


5º – Simpsons (1989-)The longest series in the history of North American television, ‘The Simpsons’ requires no introduction. Funny and intelligent, the series has been sustained for so long mainly due to its dozens of fascinating characters, when with each episode we have stories of the most varied, with the most different themes. The series is very close to break the 700 episode mark.

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