10 Amazing Movies That Every Charles Bukowski Fan Gonna Love

Writer of an all-encompassing and ever-increasing success over the years and a life worthy of applause for his unique philosophy, Charles Bukowski was one of the great names of twentieth-century literature. Whether in his work or, properly speaking, in his personal life, the writer distinguished himself from everything and everyone by going beyond what is considered normal or socially ethical. Taking all that into account, we decided to bring Bukowski’s specter to the cinema, with films that explain plot based on novels or the life of the writer and also works that are not directly linked to him, but which bring something very close to what is seen in his books. Let’s go to the list!


10ยบ – Where the Buffalo Roam (Art Linson, 1980)Following in the footsteps of eccentric journalist Hunter S. Thompson, the plot will seek to convey to the viewer all the aura of incongruity that governs the behavior of that man, always using exacerbated comic scenes. ‘Where the Buffalo Roam’, despite the fact that it is a really dubious quality film, is the opportunity to see Bill Murray still early in his career, delivering a positive performance.

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