10 Amazing Movies That Every Charles Bukowski Fan Gonna Love

7º – Easy Rider (Dennis Hopper, 1969)Two misfit motorcyclists embark on a journey through the United States, simply taking advantage of the things that each place has to offer. The film is not assertive in outlining its ultimate goals, bringing to the viewer a plot that always stabilizes at the same pace. Here, Jack Nicholson has a secondary characters, not being important to the unfolding of the story, but nonetheless, managing to leave his presence recorded in the head of who watches the film.


6º – Quills (Philip Kaufman, 2000)Based on Doug Wright’s play, the plot follows the troubled daily life of an asylum for madmen whose illustrious patient is the figure of the Marquis de Sade. Encompassing and dynamic drama, ‘Quills’ decided not to mitigate the most remarkable events of its history, giving the viewer a rustic film. Here, Joaquin Phoenix assumes a minor character, giving field to the impeccable performances of Geoffrey Rush and Kate Winslet.

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