10 Wonderful Movies That You Need to Watch With Your Kids

7º – Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (Joe Johnston, 1989)A clumsy scientist ends up failing a dangerous experiment and shrinks his children and some children in the neighborhood. The film gains all its comic and adventure atmosphere by exploring the journey of those young people who were shrunk, as well as the life of the troubled scientist. Truly memorable, ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’ presents the best of the 1980s, with lots of adventure, an engaging story and always super fun resolutions. The film gains even more notoriety with the presence of actor Rick Moranis, one of the symbols of the 1980s for comedy cinema.


6º – Big Fish (Tim Burton, 2003)A man tries to investigate the life of his father, an individual who is dying, in order to find out more about the fanciful stories he was telling. Tim Burton brings a film that blends fantasy and reality in a pleasant way. A light film that instils the creative side of his spectator, making him an active part of the story.

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