10 Roman Polanski Movies You Should Watch

8º – Death and the Maiden (Roman Polanski, 1994)A political activist from a South American country, by a mere stroke of chance, ends up being face to face with a man who had possibly tortured her years before under local government. Nurturing an irresistible plot, ‘Death and the Maiden’ is confined almost solely to a place to rule its history, elevating an aura of madness and uncertainty about the acts of its characters. Showing all the erratic essence contained in the human being, the film still gives us a superb performance of Sigourney Weaver ahead of the protagonist.


7º – The Pianist (Roman Polanski, 2002)Based on the book by Wladyslaw Szpilman, the plot draws the story of a Jewish pianist in his struggle for life in the midst of World War II. Exposing a sad story in all its unevenness, ‘The Pianist’ works on the concept of perseverance intrinsic to the protagonist. Here, Roman Polanski conducts a flawless directing work, evidencing the synthesis of horror promulgated by the human being in the most exacerbated historical period of the twentieth century.


6º – Venus in Fur (Roman Polanski, 2013)The film focuses on a rainy day from a test to a play. Delayed for the test, a woman tries to convince the director of the play, and only member of production remaining in the place, that she can interpret the central character. After this premise, we will enter into a game of deception, obsession and exacerbation of female sexuality. Roman Polanski gives us in ‘Venus in Fur’ a film limited to a single environment, leaving to its productive cast and its dynamic script the whole substance of the work.


5º – The Ghost Writer (Roman Polanski, 2010)A ghostwriter, commissioned to write a biography of a former English prime minister, gets caught up in a game of deception when he discovers things that should be hidden. ‘The Ghost Writer’, a film underestimated in Polanski’s filmography, is the best in the genre of suspense. The film leverages an atmosphere of unique mystery that acts by giving dynamicity to all the elements contained in the plot.

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