10 Roman Polanski Movies You Should Watch

Notable as one of the great names in film history, Roman Polanski has in his filmography the direction of more than twenty films. Owner of a controversial trajectory in the seventh art, the filmmaker likes to work in his works with several punctual concepts, as, for example, sexuality, betrayal and the construction of identity in the human being. In this Top 10, we’ve listed ten incredible films by the filmmaker that deserve to be seen, looking for the best in their fascinating filmography.


10º – Frantic (Roman Polanski, 1988)Traveling to Paris for a business conference, Dr. Richard Walker sees his life transformed as his wife mysteriously disappears from her hotel room. Walker will undertake a desperate hunt for the discovery of what happened to his wife and will engage in a game of deceptions much greater than it appeared before. Dynamic and surprising in its ways, ‘Frantic’ is a film permeated by nuances, which also has the intense performance of Harrison Ford in charge of the work.


9º – The Tenant (Roman Polanski, 1976)A man rents an apartment for a woman who has committed suicide. Wrapped in a chain of strangeness and paranoia, man will see his life enter into an inexorable degenerative process. ‘The Tenant’, carried out by the own Polanski, counts on a dense, somewhat bizarre plot and full of twists.

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