10 Must-See Movies For Psychology Lovers

3º – A Dangerous Method (David Cronenberg, 2011)The film explores the most important moments of the troubled relationship between Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, two of the greatest names in psychology in the 21st century, showing how to think and act on a particular instance of the world. Directed by David Cronenberg, ‘A Dangerous Method’ is a different biographical film, that manages to transpose a unique dynamicity to the spectator when it presents the histories of its two central personages.


2º – Brainstorm (Laís Bodanzky, 2000)A teenager is caught by his parents using drugs and sent to a psychiatric clinic because of that. However, something that, theoretically, should help the young person in the construction of his life, ends up destroying any productive social aspect contained in him. ‘Brainstorm’ is a masterpiece of Brazilian cinema proposed by the great Lais Bodanzky, entering the unpleasant scenery of the psychiatric institutions scattered throughout Brazil. A movie that will surely get you out of the ordinary, with several questions being asked about the human heart.


1º – Christine (Antonio Campos, 2016)Based on a true story, the film bears the story of a television reporter from a small town, exposing the lonely life of the woman and her incessant quest to step up in her career. The film gains its substance when the woman begins to lose the contact with the reality, undertaking, more and more, a self-destructive behavior in relation to its social environment. ‘Christine’ works with a character inserted in an inexorable stage of depression, contrasting, also, a possible Borderline Personality Disorder, bringing all the sad degenerative aspect in her. An extremely disturbing film not being recommended for times of emotional instability because of its heavy conceptual content.