10 Movies With the Most Amazing Teachers That Will Change Your Life


9º – Detachment (Tony Kaye, 2011)A solitary substitute teacher develops a special bond with some students of his last class, as well as with an unfit teenager he meets by chance. ‘Detachment’ raises a cold, somewhat empty atmosphere to the unfolding of the plot, working, scene after scene, with the worst that humanity has to offer. As in “The Pianist” – another masterpiece of the filmography of the actor Adrien Brody – much of the success of this film is due to the presence of the actor Adrien Brody, with his melancholic model of performance.


8º – The Wave (Dennis Gansel, 2008)In the plot, a teacher decides to implement a social experiment on his high school students. However, what should only prove one point, ends up resulting in extreme events. ‘The Wave’ is a regular movie, but with a powerful and necessary central theme. Their inclusion in this list is due to expose the risks of dealing with the human species with little care, bringing a negative compendium on the profession.

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