10 Movies With the Most Amazing Teachers That Will Change Your Life

3º – Summer School (Carl Reiner, 1987)Seeking simply to enjoy his summer vacation, a teacher has his plans frustrated when he is assigned the task of teaching to a group of young misfits. ‘Summer School’ uses its warm and unpleasant atmosphere for school life to govern its entertaining plot.


2º – Kindergarten Cop (Ivan Reitman, 1990)A police officer has to infiltrate a school, pretending to be a teacher, to try and find a woman who can help convict a dangerous criminal. In his “new profession”, the man will have fun as never before giving kindergarten class, as well as starting a new romance. Fun from beginning to end, ‘Kindergarten Cop’ takes advantage of the figure of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger to give weight to the compendium of scenes, with memorable passages from the action movie star.


1º – Rushmore (Wes Anderson, 1998)We will follow the everyday student life of a teenager completely different from the ordinary, seeing the young man fall in love with a teacher, start a friendship with a middle-aged man and also deal with the nuances of his relationship with his best friend. Directed by Wes Anderson, ‘Rushmore’ is a comedy that can portray the turbulence of adolescence, managing to mitigate the more rustic events of the stage by mild exposure of scenes.