10 Movies with Philip Seymour Hoffman You Need To See

In this Top 10, we will explore the career of American actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. Born on July 23, 1967, in New York, USA, the actor would make his seventh film debut in a film entitled ‘Triple Bogey on a Five Hole’ (1991), still in a minor role. However, his career would take on major proportions only in the late 1990s with the start of a prolific partnership with director Paul Thomas Anderson, who has starred in films such as ‘Hard Eight’ (1996) and ‘Boogie Nights’ Without Limits’ (1997) and consolidate itself as an ascendant name in its midst. The peak of his career began to take place after being given the opportunity to embody the famous writer Truman Capote in the film ‘Capote’ (2005), taking the Oscar for best actor of the year 2006 for his amazing performance. Unfortunately the actor ended up dying early in 2014, leaving to leave, with just over 20 years of career, a huge filmography extremely significant. The films listed below attempt to rescue the essence that the actor and his unique form of acting left legacy to the seventh art. Even with a short career, Philip Seymour Hoffman is undoubtedly one of the great actors in film history. Let’s go to the list!


10º – Flawless (Joel Schumacher, 1999)After suffering a stroke, a police officer has to accept the differences of his neighbor, an eccentric drag queen, so he can take singing lessons with her and regain his ability to speak. Directed by Joel Schumacher, ‘Flawless’ is a regular film with a lot of inconsistencies and superficialities in its plot, but it gives the viewer the opportunity to see Robert De Niro and Philip Seymour Hoffman together commanding the play.

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9º – Love Liza (Todd Louiso, 2002)After his wife commits suicide for no apparent reason, a man will have to find strength in the most diverse ways to continue leading his life. Extremely sad, ‘Love Liza’ is a typical movie that should not be watched in times of emotional hardship. Its 90 minutes long will always impose on the viewer a daunting atmosphere, offering no escape points. It is worth mentioning that all the success of the proposal of the film passes by the fabulous performance of Philip Seymour Hoffman at the front of the work.

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