10 Movies with Philip Seymour Hoffman You Need To See

4º – The Savages (Tamara Jenkins, 2007)Two brothers have to face the discrepancies of their lives and come together to care for their aging father who is in a constant degenerative process. Impeccable, ‘The Savages’ presents a melancholy and cool atmosphere to guide its ever erratic unevenness to the characters in the film.

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3º – Capote (Bennett Miller, 2005)After deciding to write a novel about a Kansas family murder case, writer Truman Capote comes up against a strange tie to one of the killers when he decides to get the contents for the book. ‘Capote’ earned actor Philip Seymour Hoffman the Oscar for best actor at the 2006 ceremony.


2º – Doubt (John Patrick Shanley, 2008)The director of a Catholic school begins to distrust the relationship of a priest with his students, coming to question all the moral concepts governed in his life so far. Powerful, ‘Doubt’ is a film about evil rooted in some institutions of power in our traditional Western society. The play also features fantastic performances by P. S. Hoffman, Meryl Streep, Amy Adams and Viola Davis.


1º – The Master (Paul Thomas Anderson, 2012)A World War II veteran finds in the figure of a strange leader of a new religion the strength to escape the exacerbated routines that his life had gained. The plot will develop about the relationship of this veteran with the leader, dismembering the various nuances derived from this relationship, always having against the background the moral and ethical constructions of both characters. Best performance in the career of Philip Seymour Hoffman, presenting a surreal intensity in each scene where he is exposed.