10 Movies So Disturbing You Can Only Watch Them Once

3º – I Stand Alone (Gaspar Noah, 1998)The film distinguishes the day to day nihilism of an unscrupulous butcher, explaining each erratic arch of his life. Disruptive in its general apparatus, ‘I Stand Alone’ is a discouraging film in every scene exposed, not being recommended for all audiences, despite being noted as assertive in its decisions.


2º – Caché (Michael Haneke, 2005)After being threatened by a series of anonymous video tapes left on their doorstep, showing an espionage of their daily lives, a couple see their social and private lives enter into an inexorable degenerative process. Its director, Michael Haneke, uses a lot of elements from the characters’ past, showing how some structures of our lives simply cannot be forgotten. One of the great films of the Austrian director’s career.


1º – Dog Days (Ulrich Seidl, 2001)We will follow the daily lives of some residents of a suburban area of Vienna during a heat wave. We will see their struggles for meaning in their monotonous lives, their bizarre habits and the aspect of suffering, something always present. Belonging to the controversial cinema of Austrian Ulrich Seidl, this film is a portrait of the empty existence often found in a large part of individuals in contemporary societies. A film that bothers the spectator, but that offers countless rewards at its end.