10 Movies So Disturbing You Can Only Watch Them Once

We’ve listed ten disturbing movies that you’re sure you’ll only have the courage to watch once. Below are movies that use disturbing plots, whether graphic or psychological, with extreme situations that cause some discomfort to the viewer during their performance. It is also worth saying that all the options mentioned are great movies, adding more than just entertainment with assertive questions about society and existence. Let’s go to the list!


10º – Enter the Void (Gaspar Noah, 2009)Nurturing an experimental aura for the unfolding of his plot, this film presents small fragments of a young man’s life before and after an extreme event. Innovative in its aesthetic conception, ‘Enter the Void’, as well as the entire filmography of the great Gaspar Noah, works to make the viewer uncomfortable, with strange and disorientating plans. However, everything in the work has a meaning, whether collective or subjective, leading us to a unique and certainly unforgettable experience.

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