10 Movies So Disturbing You Can Only Watch Them Once


5º – Time of the Wolf (Michael Haneke, 2003)The film brings us the story of Anne (Isabelle Huppert) and her two children in a desperate struggle for survival after discovering that the world as they knew it no longer exists. We have here a post-apocalyptic film that brings to the screen how flexible human behavior is in a destructive scale when exposed to situations of adversity. As is traditional in Michael Haneke’s cinema, ‘Time of the Wolf’ is characterized by its hard, rustic and extremely disturbing nature.


4º – Inland Empire (David Lynch, 2006)Created to be a kind of continuous nightmare, ‘Inland Empire’, despite being a good film, is extremely uncomfortable for those who watch it. They are flat in unpleasant angles, performances always exacerbated and a plot that turns in its central axis.

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