10 Greatest Uncommon ‘Friends’ Characters

Today we will talk about the Friends series, bringing the ten most memorable secondary characters of the so beloved series. Here you will find those characters that we loved to see in the series, but that ended up having a more limited participation, with performances in specific episodes. Let’s go to the list!


10º – JaniceJanice dated Chandler several times and even had a short relationship with Ross, being marked throughout the series. Her always fun and punctuated appearances with the traditional “Oh my God” made her one of the most loved characters of ‘Friends’.


9º – MikeMike took time to appear in the series. However, actor Paul Rudd’s relaxed acting model and the character’s not normal relationship with Phoebe marked him. Among his most memorable accomplishments during his appearances was, without a doubt, his epic ping pong match with Monica.

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