10 Greatest Uncommon ‘Friends’ Characters

4º – Mr. HecklesWho doesn’t remember the strange neighbor of the class who used to complain about noises that simply didn’t exist. Well, dear Mr. Heckles left us hilarious moments in the few episodes he takes part in, like kidnapping Ross’ monkey and breaking into Chandler’s apartment and claiming to be his tenant. Unfortunately the character died after sweeping his apartment, as the authorities stated.


3º – Mr. TreegerThe big Mr. Treeger, the janitor of the class building, might have looked tough, but he was actually a great guy. Among the most emblematic stories the man had in the series we can include his fight with Rachel at the dump and his partnership with Joey to learn how to dance.


2º – Crazy EddieWhen Joey decides to stop being Chandler’s flatmate and live alone, Eddie becomes the tenant of the place. The problem is that soon Eddie shows himself to be somewhat unstable emotionally, making Chandler’s life a living hell. Among Eddie’s most insane acts are spying on Chandler asleep and forgetting when he is thrown out of the apartment and returns as if nothing had happened.


1º – PaoloRachel’s first season boyfriend couldn’t be off the list either. Hated by Ross, Paolo, with his seductive way, managed to attract Rachel, but ended up putting everything to lose after “getting interested” in Phoebe.