10 Greatest Dark Comedy Movies To Watch Again and Again

4º – Meet the Parents (Jay Roach, 2000)In love and with serious plans to marry his girlfriend, a man decides to meet the girl’s parents. Everything goes well until he meets his father-in-law, a suspicious and grumpy man. Now, he and his father-in-law will get involved in the most diverse problems while they are together. Entando Numa Fria’ is a unique comedy from the 2000s, bringing the viewer an engaging story with intelligent humorous outings. The film also brings an excellent cast to support the excellent plot, with Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller among the protagonists.


3º – Accepted (Steve Pink, 2006)Students rejected by simply every college they apply to decide to create their own college. In place, of course, studying is the last thing they think of. ‘Approved’ is an underrated film of that 2000s wave of teen comedies. Its fun story is its greatest positive point, managing to entertain without having to resort to a free graphic sense as was the case with films of this subgenre at the time.

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