10 Greatest Dark Comedy Movies To Watch Again and Again


6º – Cadillac Man (Roger Donaldson, 1990)A car salesman faces a difficult period in his professional life, with his job at risk in case he doesn’t sell a certain amount of cars in a few days, and privately, with his girlfriend and ex-wife picking up on his foot. ‘A Conqueror in Trouble’ brings nothing less than the famous partnership between Robin Williams and Tim Robbins, in a funny and, at various moments, truly hilarious story.


5º – The Hangover (Todd Phillips, 2009)In the plot, three friends wake up with no memory of what happened the night before, when they were participating in a bachelor party for one of them. The movie will spend its 100 minutes of duration destroying all those fragments of the epic and destructive night of the friends. ‘If Drink, Don’t Case’ is a movie that manages to amuse its viewer from the first to the last scene, bringing a clever plot, a compendium of hilarious scenes and a cast at its best.

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