10 Greatest Dark Comedy Movies To Watch Again and Again

8º – The Naked Gun (David Zucker, 1988)An unconventional policeman tries to destroy a plan that has the queen as its target, getting involved in the most diverse confusions. Run That the Police Come There’ provokes laughter in his spectator in each delivered scene, with a plot in the shape of satire, playing with various elements from various fields of the world. Also worth mentioning is the incredible Leslie Nielsen who commands the central character.


7º – Police Academy (Hugh Wilson, 1984)Several maladjusted individuals from their social milieu decide to join the police, giving a test and training before. Together, these people will clean up the most diverse confusions for the corporation. Iconic, ‘Police Madness’ is one of the greatest exponents of the comedy of the 1980s, using a simple plot that provokes many laughs in those who watch.

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