10 Great Steven Seagal Action Movies

4º – Hard to Kill (Bruce Malmuth, 1990)A policeman is the target of an act of revenge, having his house invaded, being seriously wounded and his wife killed. Left for death, the policeman spends several years in a coma, waking up unexpectedly, discovering that his death would be extremely productive for a group of people. Now, it’s up to him to recover and start a search for revenge. ‘Hard to Kill’ is a beautiful action movie, bringing the actor Steven Seagal in his best moment, besides counting on nothing less than the beautiful Kelly LeBrock as a supporting actor.


3º – Under Siege (Andrew Davis, 1992)A terrorist group hijacks a navy ship. Now, it will be up to the cook to save the ship and its crew. Unfortunately for terrorists the cook is nothing less than Steven Seagal. The most commercially successful and critical film of Seagal’s career, ‘The Force on Alert’ is one of the pearls of the action cinema of the 1990s, bringing an engaging plot, a safe direction by Andrew Davis, and a dedicated cast. The film also has actor Tommy Lee Jones as its villain, further magnifying the work.

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