10 Great Steven Seagal Action Movies


6º – Executive Decision (Stuart Baird, 1996)The film narrates the battle between terrorists and an airline analyst, showing the paranoia and frenetic charge contained in each of the characters. Following the line of several action films with terrorists of the 1990s, ‘Critical Moment’ amuses and captures our attention, nurturing much tension and the unlikely partnership between Kurt Russell and Steven Seagal.


5º – Marked for Death (Dwight H. Little, 1990)A former U.S. Special Forces agent is forced back into active duty to stop a criminal organization that is spreading drugs and terror throughout the country. From the early days of Steven Seagal’s filmography, ‘Marked for Death’ is an action film with a slight hint of the supernatural, putting our beloved actor to face something that not even he himself is sure can stop.

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