10 Great Movies About Laziness

3º – Where the Buffalo Roam (Art Linson, 1980)Following in the footsteps of eccentric journalist Hunter S. Thompson, the plot will seek to convey to the viewer all the aura of incongruity that governs the behavior of that man, always using exacerbated comic scenes. ‘Where the Buffalo Roam’, despite a really dubious quality film, is the perfect opportunity to watch Bill Murray early in his career, delivering a positive performance.


2º – Up in Smoke (Lou Adler, 1978)Two misfit men embark on a hallucinatory journey in search of a large quantity of marijuana, engulfing themselves in the most diverse confusions along the way. As strange and unassuming as his synopsis, ‘Up in Smoke’ amuses him for his lack of meaning, bringing two celebrated characters who would be immortalized in the collective unconscious of the time.


1º – Stripes (Ivan Reitman, 1981)The film will tell us the story of John and Russell, two misfit men, who end up nurturing some disdain for what life offers them. After John loses his job, girlfriend and car, he persuades his friend to drop everything and enlist in the army along with him. The central plot of the film gains shape in how the two friends survive the hostile environment of their country’s military.