10 Great Movies About Laziness


5º – Office Space (Mike Judge, 1999)‘Office Space’ amuses the viewer by exposing common situations to the contemporary professional world, always blending a use of exacerbated humor and a daunting sense at the heart of the word work. The work is evidenced by the film as a sphere harmful to the human being, curtailing its powers and virtues, besides destroying dreams and longings.


4º – Sideways (Alexander Payne, 2004)Two middle-aged friends decide to take a trip to a small town known for their wines. In the midst of this journey, both will have a more comprehensive glimpse into their own personalities as well as reevaluate some paths of their lives. ‘Sideways’ works with a melancholy atmosphere to unleash his scenes, nurturing an impeccable script, a fabulous direction of Alexander Payne and a cast that manages to hold all the intrinsic luster to the film.

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