10 Great Documentaries To Watch That Gonna Change Your Life

4º – The Staircase (2004-2018)Michael Peterson, a famous writer, is implicated in the mysterious murder of his wife in 2001. We will follow Michael’s struggle for evidence against his guilt, even if forensic evidence points to exactly the opposite. The interesting thing about this documentary, made in episodes over several years, is how to build a defense in a trial of this size, with the day-to-day lives of lawyers and Michael in search of what seems impossible.


3º – Making a Murderer (2015)Is it possible for a man to be convicted twice for crimes in which he is innocent? That’s what ‘Making a Murderer’ will try to answer. This documentary series has two seasons, but we recommend even only the first one (the second season is very long and not very enlightening), which seeks to bring in a dynamic way the whole life of Steven Avery and the two crimes that have changed his history in the world.

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