10 Great Documentaries To Watch That Gonna Change Your Life


2º – Tiger King (2020)An animal park is the target of this documentary, especially its owner, the eccentric Joe Exotic. We will see the day to day life in the place, how that business works and the various stories of the people who work in that distinct place. ‘Tiger King’ is a pearl, bringing a fascinating story, unique moments captured on camera and a Hollywood worthy outcome for our beloved Joe Exotic.


1º – Forensic Files (1996-2011 and 2020-)With over 400 episodes, ‘Forensic Files’ is the largest and best crime documentary in the history of television. Here, we will have with each episode a criminal case being uncovered for 22 minutes, with statements from family members, detectives involved in the cases and, of course, the whole forensic issue crucial to finding the culprits. Atmospheric and always creepy, this criminal series is entertainment allied to science. It is impossible to watch an episode and not learn about forensic science. As if it were not enough, we still have a macabre soundtrack and a dynamic edition that help create the climate for the eternal Peter Thomas to lead the narration of each episode. It is also worth mentioning the name of the genius Paul Dowling, no less than the creator of this masterpiece. For the joy of lovers of the program, we had a second version being released in 2020, with several new episodes and new seasons already guaranteed for the coming years. Better impossible!