10 Complex Movies To Watch When You Want More From Life

We’ve selected ten complex movies for you to watch right now. Below are science fiction, drama, suspense, and horror films that sketch complex plots and challenge viewers. These are films that span from the 1970s to the present day, and some of the stories distinguish, for example, mental illness, isolation, the figure of the night as something pulsating, and so on. Let’s go to the list!


10ยบ – Enemy (Denis Villeneuve, 2013)Involved in an insensitive and meaningless life, a teacher will see his or her life take on a new meaning after discovering the existence of an actor who looks just like you and is completely obsessed with it. Coming from Denis Villeneuve’s prolific cinema, ‘The Duplicate Man’ does not bring exactly the best of the filmmaker, but manages to attract the attention of his spectator with the unique atmosphere emanating from each scene and its strange plot.

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